Five Original Works of Art

Today Peter Max has evolved from a visionary pop artist of the 1960’s to a master of neo-expressionism. His vibrant art has become a part of American culture.

I am offering these five paintings which have been in my private collection for over 25 years. They have hung on the walls of my climate controlled and smoke free home. This is the first time, I am offering these paintings of American pop art by the world famous American iconic artist, Peter Max. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a complete original piece of American art history.

My collection has grown over the years and I have been fortunate enough to have acquired these five beautiful paintings. It is time to move on and allow these magnificent paintings to be enjoyed and loved by other art lovers in the world.

By contacting me directly, you are talking directly to the owner of this beautiful Peter Max collection of five original oil on canvas paintings.

The appraised value of this collection in 2007, was $232,310. With the artist enjoying his 80th year, I feel that I have five beautiful original oils on canvas that clearly show his depth, talent and an eye for beauty. I am proud to offer my private collection for sale by their true owner. I would like to sell them as a collection, however, am willing to discuss the possibility of selling one or more. Please understand that these are original oil on canvas paintings. They are NOT mixed media, giclee, serigraph or print, lithograph or print, acrylic on lithograph, mixed media on paper or woven paper. All artists have their good days and bad days and certain works seem to pop. I am sure you will agree that these five paintings are prime examples of this. Please look at these beautiful Peter Max original oil on canvas paintings and you will certainly appreciate their individualism and beauty of a truly iconic artist.

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the appraisal value is totaled $232,310, I am entertaining any reasonable offers.

Each painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a photograph of Peter Max with the paintings.

Email me, Mr. Schwartz, with any questions at or call me at (954) 683-6600. I am happy to discuss any or all of the paintings.